Managed Training Services

Managed Training Services

Our Managed Training Services offerings enable government and private organizations implement effective and efficient training programs. We help our clients design and run: the following events

  • Workshops
  • Technology professional Training programs
  • Soft Skills Training programs
  • Awareness Events

Our Services will cover all tasks and activities needed to run the training event successfully, from clarifying vision and developing objectives to reporting. Our methodology ensures the proper, execution, and accurate flow of all activities ALWASAT Managed Training Services suit include:


  • Provide consultation to clarify the vision and build the objectives


  • Select the training methodology
  • Develop the monitoring and evaluation procedures
  • Develop the Plan

Content development

  • Develop customized training contents
  • Develop schedules and session plans
  • Develop all training administration instruments and forms

Training Administration

  • Manage the learning process
  • Produce reports follow-up reports
  • Issue certificates

Logistical Services

  • Manage accommodation, travel, training location reservation, etc.

Sample Project

USAID Training Program for Procurement Trainers and Procurement Officers


1. The USAID Anticorruption program (Funder)
2. Higher Tendering Board-HTB (Beneficiary)


The objective of this program is to train 15 Procurement Trainers (PT) of HTB and 223 Procurement Officers (PO) of some governmental institutions at the central and governorate level on the following:
1. The new procurement law,
2. Standard Bidding Document (SBDs), and
3. Procurement manuals.


6 months


Alwasat has delivered all the required logistical services for the training program in accordance with the USAID standards and specifications listed in the RFP. Alwasat has designed and managed all the program activities except the training material development and the instructional design, services were provided prior to the start of the training activities, during the training activity and after the training activity.

Major services provided are:

  • Training hall preparation,
  • Banners design,
  • Accommodation and transportation for the instructor.
  • Provide high quality training equipment
  • Stationeries and bags for all students and guests,
  • Provide Meals and coffee-breaks.
  • Recorded and tracked the attendance of participants
  • Managed payments of travel and accommodation allowances to the entitled participants.